When you think about the sun, it is only really in a positive way when it is beaming down on you and you feel its warmth/get a sun tan. The same can be said for social media.

Social media is only effective and good if you’re reaching people enough to impact them and leave a mark. You need to find a way to make it beam (like the sun).

 So how do you do that? Easy.

 Your social media presence should contain 4 different types of content:


Obviously your primary goal is to improve brand perception and awareness (or maybe even revenue). So the best way to do that is to make sure you have a good amount of branded/company created content that is shared. This makes it easier for viewers/readers to establish the connection to your brand and ensure that your companies’ point of view is given.


Part of your social media strategy should include an employee programme, be it an advocacy programme and so making it easier for employees to post about your brand, or sharing content created by employees. It all helps. If employees are happy and proud to be linked to the company publicly, it tells you something about that company’s values etc thus making it more appealing to both perspective employees and even customers. This is applicable for both B2C and B2B organisations. Utilise your employees to improve your brand reputation.


Also known as influencers. You need to find people/customers who are happy to talk positively about your company. This can be through their own social media channels or through the use of customer testimonials etc. that are then shared out through company owned channels. However you do it, just do it. Nothing is more valuable than peer-to-peer influence (in my opinion) – and part of that comes down to human nature of wanting the best. Why would you settle for something second rate if you’re friend/colleague/competitor has something better?


It goes without saying that every company wants to be seen as an expert in their industry. Fashion house? Okay, so what are the latest trends? Who are the latest models? Technology company? What’s hot at the moment? What’s the latest technological breakthrough? Whatever world you work in, your company needs to be that expert for your customers so you need to be sharing content that shows that. Get your latest facts and figures, understand what’s happening in your market and talk about it.

 If you do this, you should be on the right track to increasing engagements and everything else – of course paying attention to engagement metrics, following etc. to see how your content is resonating with your audience.

 What other social media tips do you have? 

This article was originally posted on LinkedIn, September 2017