If your business involves a restaurant/bar/pub/shop or any in-person events then one thing you should think about is whether or not you are insta-worthy.

Instagram is not a trend that is on its way out and it’s something you can leverage to help boost your business. Having an a venue that looks great in a picture will no only attract the social influencers of the world, but it will also help you attract regular attendees/customers AND generate free advertising.

People love things that look good and photograph well. And you can literally google “instagrammable locations” to be drowning in blog posts/articles, spanning cities and countries providing you with the ultimate locations to spice up your feed.

Then, in flock the masses, they take their pictures, upload to social, tell their friends (if you’re lucky, tag your business) and you suddenly have some free advertising. Even if they don’t tag you, the likeliness is their friends will ask where they are and so spreads the new word-of-mouth.

If you’re really savvy you’ll, next to your instagrammable location, ensure you have a note around what # to use AND which handles they can tag you at.

So, next time you organise an event – definitely think about this. And, if you currently own a venue – definitely think about this.

Either way. Everyone should think about this.