Sunset over sea

As the weather (hopefully) starts to warm up and we find ourselves wanting to spend more time outside in the sunshine it’s worth thinking about how the seasons impact your business.

Why? Because this can seriously impact your marketing strategy – from a content and investment standpoint.

If you have been around for a few years: the first step is to really take a look at your numbers – do you see more sales/revenue/bookings/attendees/customers at certain points in the year? Is this at the same point year over year? Can you attribute this to anything in particular?

If you’re just starting out: the first step is to do some research! Do you know who your customers are/will be and do you know how your industry works?

For example, nail salons: when do people want their nails to look nice? On holiday, for a special occasion (maybe Christmas?), etc. So… create content that is relevant to these points that are going to speak to your audience! It’s simple but it does require some thought & planning – plus, you don’t need to capitalise on every moment in time, be strategic.

The same can be applied for investment – though this will really depend on your objectives. One way to look at this is through the example of retail. Retailers, understandably, generate a big proportion of their revenue over the holiday period (during 2019, the average weekly value of retail increased 28.8% during the month of December against the full year average – I calculated this based on statistics available here). It’s fairly common knowledge (and sense) that everyone is going to be shopping more in that run up to Christmas; so why not capitalise here, and put what marketing budget you have, against period in time you know your customers are active in. It’s no secret that existing organisations do this – hello, have you seen all the Christmas ads in the UK?!

You can apply seasonality across all your marketing tactics – no matter what your budget size or channel mix.

Are you no to low budget and utilising mostly social? Great. Perfect your content and increase your push during your key periods.

Do you have a little more and are utilising paid search? Even better. Ensure you have full coverage across your search terms and be more aggressive when you know customers are needing your services.

Do you have an abundance of marketing budget to spend? Fabulous – I would hope you have a marketing team and/or agency that have already got this down as part of their strategy (and if you don’t, email us!! We can help).

If the ideas mentioned above resonate well with you but you just don’t know where to start then, drop us a note below and see how we can help.