It’s been exactly a year since I called it quits with UK Tabloid Media. You can read more about my anger towards media outlets here, an emotionally fuelled piece that I shared on IWD2020.

Reasons why I am 100% sure this was the right decision. From a human level through to a business owner.

  1. I am happier – once your behaviour, in this case consumption habits, align to your ethical/moral values EVERYTHING feels better. No longer am I plagued with the guilt of fuelling the morally bankrupt media outlets that make money out of people’s misery, despair and misfortune. Not only that, I’m not reading as much content that angers me to my core. Click-bait headlines have no place in my life.

    ~side note~ the catalyst for me cutting out tabloid media was Caroline Flack’s suicide and how events leading up to that moment were written about. HOWEVER. The benefits during the pandemic have also been astronomical. Avoiding the fear mongering headlines have prevented me from spiralling into a scroll of doom that so many people have suffered through the past 12 months.
  2. I am more open minded and balanced – it’s not that I didn’t consider myself this way before but the amount of unconscious influence the media can have on you is staggering. I have found since calling it quits that I’m not jumping to as many conclusions or as quick to accept headlines as truth. I research myself, I listen to the voices of others, particularly those from under-represented groups, and consciously seek out opinions that differ to my own.
  3. My business actions align to my personal values – this is a really important one. I always tell my clients that moral & ethical values should be seriously considered and defined when creating a brand. Your culture and values are everything. For me, this presents itself in never recommending tabloid media for paid placements or earned coverage. It means I will never place adverts in publications that are fuelling hate and greater divides between groups of the population. I don’t care how much reach you may get. As someone who wants to run an ethical business and can’t stand the tabloid media in their personal life, I couldn’t sleep at night knowing I am helping to keep them in business.

Why you should call it quits with tabloid media:

The less they are consumed, the less they are advertised on and slowly, we might be able to reduce their readership to the point where they can no longer sustain their publication. It’s not a quick fix. It requires lots of individuals banding together and it requires the people in BUSINESSES who are funding these platforms via ad revenue to pull back. It’s the right thing to do.

So please, personally: stop consuming content on these sites. And, if you have the power: stop buying ad space on these sites.